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Get The Representation You Need After An Accident

Following a motor vehicle accident so much is going through your mind. Is everyone involved OK? How badly damaged are all vehicles involved? Do we need to get insurance involved? You may not immediately think about contacting a lawyer, but in many cases that is what at least one of the parties involved will have to do.

Motor vehicle accidents often go beyond a simple traffic violation, especially if one of the parties suffers a personal injury. A skilled and experienced attorney is necessary if you have suffered an injury in a car wreck. If you are injured in an accident that occurs in southeast Texas and need representation, then call Branick & Devenzio at 409-403-1370.

A Responsive And Caring Attorney

Branick & Devenzio is a firm where clients feel they can always talk directly to their attorney, that they will be listened to, and they will have their questions answered. Led by Trent Devenzio, it is a very hands-on firm. Trent takes a personal interest in every case. Clients are not just a case number to him, but a member of the community, and helping them out is an opportunity for him to give back to the community.

This is a firm that does not want to see their clients being forced to prove why they deserve compensation for an injury. Trent will be the one doing that fighting for you. He will work to:

  • Relieve the burden of paperwork, phone calls, and other stressful case related affairs
  • Establish the value of a case and clearly lay out your options
  • Inform you of your rights as you pursue a case
  • Provide his guidance and counsel throughout the process

With Trent on your side you will be fairly represented throughout your motor vehicle accident case. There will be no surprises or sudden changes because Trent communicates clearly and often. He knows he is representing members of his community in the courtroom and he takes that very seriously.

Hire A Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer to help you file a claim related to your motor vehicle accident injuries, do not wait. The earlier you get your case to an attorney, the faster they can help you with taking your next steps forward. Schedule a consultation today by calling us at 409-403-1370 or complete a short intake form.