A Law Firm Built On
The Principles Of Family, Hard Work And Common Sense

A Firm With A Proud History Of Legal Service

Some law firms are well known because they invest in memorable advertising campaigns. Other firms become well known because their attorneys spend decades delivering consistent, high-quality representation to clients and earn the respect of other members of the legal community. Branick & Devenzio is an example of the latter.

For many years, the firm was comprised of two highly experienced attorneys, Jesse Branick and Trent Devenzio, who have built a reputation throughout Southeast Texas for being approachable, attentive and hands-on in client interactions. Although Mr. Branick is now Of Counsel, Trent carries on the firm’s tradition of providing knowledgeable representation and personal service to each client.

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How The Firm Can Help You

Even as a small firm, Branick & Devenzio has a lot to offer. Trent is ready to provide guidance and representation in the following areas:

Trent is particularly accomplished in mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). With over 30 years of experience and peer recognition for his skills in this area, his services are sought by other attorneys as well as clients looking to settle legal disputes outside the courtroom.

No matter what your legal needs may be, you can rely on Branick & Devenzio to provide professional representation, experienced guidance and personalized attention.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Attentive Attorney

Branick & Devenzio is based in Nederland and serves most of Southeast Texas, including the counties of Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Jasper and Chambers. To schedule your initial consultation with a skilled and attentive attorney, contact the firm online or call 409-403-1370.